Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

We are studying Crucial Conversations and discussing chapters at every first Sunday meeting.

We will also investigate Non-Violent Communications, and there are several other local resources we may use.

Three-Color Card System

During meetings, we use the Three Card System for discussion and consensus making.


Green: A group member can use a green card during discussion to request a speaking slot.

Yellow: In the discussion phase, the yellow card is used to indicate the holder’s ability to clarify a point being discussed or answer a question being posed.

Red: During discussion, a red card is used to indicate a point of process or a breach of the agreed-upon procedures. These include identifying off-topic discussions, speakers going over allowed time limits, or other breaks in the process.

When a facilitator is running a meeting, the cards will be called on with the following order of preference – red, yellow and green.

Call for consunsus

Green:  During a call for consensus, the green card indicates consent.

Yellow: Yellow is used during a call for consensus to register a stand-aside to the proposal or to formally state any reservations.

Red: During a call for consensus, the red card indicates the member’s opposition (usually a “principled objection”) to the proposal at hand. When a member or members use a red card, it becomes their responsibility to work with the proposing committee to come up with a solution that everyone can support.

Life is very short, and there’s no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend …
We can work it out
We can work it out
~ John Lennon