Who We Are

Who We Are

Armadillo Cohousing includes many members who share a love of live music and the arts. We include native Austinites and those that got here as fast as they could.

Some members are retired, some are toddlers, and many others are in between. We are teachers, engineers, permaculturists, writers, artists, makers, and all of us love sharing food and stories together.

Many love dogs, and some love cats. Some of us are always hot and want to escape Austin in the summer; some are always cold and wouldn’t move farther north if you paid us.

We all want to connect to the broader community and find ways to help each other. We’re all committed to learning how to live in a group closer than a typical neighborhood provides.

Some members put forth their individual visions of this future community:”A Day in the Life”.

Howie’s ‘Day in the Life’

Karen M’s ‘Day in the Life’

Yvonne’s ‘Day in the Life’

Linda’s ‘Day in the Life’

Celeste’s ‘Day in the Life’

Dale’s ‘Day in the Life’