Other Communities We Are Following

Other Communities We Are Following

These in-progress and existing projects both inform and inspire us.

CoHo Ecovillage – Corvallis, OR. Former Austinite Susie B spoke at our August meeting.

Nyland Cohousing – Lafayette, CO. We like their well-organized website.

Iowa City Cohousing – Iowa City, IA. A group of local folks working to create a new housing alternative in Iowa City. They are planning a neighborhood based on the cohousing model, which started in Denmark and has now spread worldwide.

The Commons on the Alameda – The Commons on the Alameda, initiated in 1991, is one of the nation’s first cohousing developments.

Texas Cohousing – Connecting all Texans who seek a better way to live.

Cohousing Association of the United States A resource and directory for all things cohousing-related.

Bohn Farm Partnership buys land for Longmont Cohousing Community

Community First Village – Austin, TX. A 27-acre master-planned facility that provides affordable, sustainable dwellings and a supportive environment for the chronically homeless.

Sunward Cohousing Community – Ann Arbor, MI. located on 20 acres with woods and pond in west Ann Arbor. There are 40 units housing 100 people, a third of which are children.

Groundswell Cohousing – 35 households cluster homes located within the Yarrow Ecovillage, in British Columbia, Canada.

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  1. Volunteers often contribute at a level of energy and funding adequate for a casual project to succeed but inadequate for a complex undertaking to complete in the scope and schedule they require for their continued participation. One hears things like “Good luck with your wonderful project! Please let me know when you can show me a model home to help me decide if I would want to live there then.”

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