• How far along are you in the process? We began in 2015 and will complete in July of 2019.

Buildings and Site

  • Cost per square foot? $150 for construction. Added to that would be a share of the land and Common House
  • Location? We hope to be within or near Central East Austin, close to services (grocery, pool, schools, public transit, hospital)
  • Size of units? 600 – 800 – 1000 – 1200 sq. ft.
  • How many of each unit size? 6 to 8
  • How many units are planned? 24 to 32 How many adults will live there? ~ 50
  • What amenities are included? Common House, craft/maker spaces, coworking office, library, conference room, meeting hall, community gardens (possible chickens), greenscape (woods, trails), guest quarters
  • What about ADA-compliant? A percentage of our units will comply with ADA rules.
  • How does one determine which unit he/she gets, or what in what order do we pick our homes? Seniority, mainly. Early adopters attain higher influence.
  • Can I put my tiny house there? No, this will be a planned community. There may be the possibility of having infill smaller homes subsidized by the city for qualified low-income renters (Ally Flats, say).
  • Will there be rentals? Our developer may be able to include some S.M.A.R.T. housing rentals or ADU’s. Otherwise, some members may want to buy more than one unit and rent them out. Renters would be a part of the community and comply with all aspects and help us be more diverse. Members who travel may want to Air B&B their units out with careful screening.
  • What is the parking format? Can I have an attached carport or garage? Parking is separate from homes on the property’s periphery. There will be carports, garages, and guest parking.
  • What businesses or public performances are anticipated in the project? Cottage-type enterprises and home-office tasks are likely as are live music concerts, book club meetings, informal classes, and meet-ups.
  • How much storage space will be available? Households may be able to purchase an extra garage or locker.
  • Can I build or help build my own house? No, but members are in on the design process. We will likely do the landscaping ourselves.
  • Will we have fenced backyards? Small backyards could be enclosed as part of the household footprint, and front yards will be open.
  • What sorts of energy efficiency and green building techniques are you incorporating? We are keeping both as top priorities, as much as we can afford to do, including passive solar design, grey water, solar panels, and rainwater collection for gardens and lawns.
  • When can I move in? Projected move-in period is July 2019
  • Are utilities attached to city sewers or a septic system? That depends if we locate within the city limits or in a PUD.

Legal Structure/Governance

  • What are the monthly fees for the HOA? Our LLC will turn into an HOA once construction is finished. Monthly fees would be comparable to most condo associations.
  • What form of governance do you use? We’ve adopted a consensus-based process.
  • Are you a cult, commune, or co-op? None of those. We don’t hold to any particular ideology or religion. Neither do we share our personal finances or follow the co-op model.

Life in Dillo Coho

  • What is your pet policy or peeve? Pets are welcome but on leash in the communal areas to comply with our principle of protecting wildlife. We may create a dog run in a more wild part of the land, but dogs must never be left unattended. Some members may want to create a screened-in back porch for their cats.
  • What’s the age limits for members? We are multi-generational, so no limit.
  • How inclusive is your group? We respect each others’ diversity and ways of life.
  • How much privacy will I have? You can do just about anything you want in your home, garage, and backyard.
  • What is shared? The Common House belongs to and is shared between all member households, including furniture, supplies, craft tools, power tools in maker spaces. The green areas include gardens, gardening supplies, bike storage, outdoor kids’ playground, green space trails, dog run, etc.
  • How much work will be required from me on a monthly basis? Before move in, we ask for four hours of committee work plus attending two meetings (each about two and a half hours in length) a month. After move in, plan on between four and six hours a month (garden, grounds, or Common House care) plus a monthly meeting. There would be an option for travelers to bank required hours.
  • How many meetings do you hold now, and how many when you’re all living together? At present: two general meetings plus one committee meeting a month. Social events or workshops happen every few months. After move in: one general meeting a month and committee meetings as needed. Social events will happen frequently.
  • If you have common meals, how often will they occur? We’re committed to least one jointly prepared meal weekly, where cooks take turns. Casual bring-your-dinner- and-eat-together evenings are sure to pop up as well.


  • What is the cost to buy into a home? Market-value homes will be available as well as subsidized homes for low-income-qualifying folks. Smaller models will make it affordable for most.
  • What is the cost to join? $150 non-refundable registration fee plus $10 a month until January 1, 2018. Initial price increases by $50 each six months. See this link for more info.
  • Will I have equity in my house and in the Common House? Yes, same as a condo’s shared property.