Hello and Howdy

Hello and Howdy

We are a diverse group of folks inspired by the prospect of a new housing alternative in Austin, Texas. We plan to create a neighborhood based on the cohousing model, which started in Denmark and has now spread worldwide. There are hundreds of cohousing communities in the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, and elsewhere. We want to be the first successful one here in the Capital City.

Some background

We started meeting in late 2015 to explore alternatives to traditional housing arrangements. We all share an interest in living in a community that reflects what’s important to us, an arrangement that will allow us to reap the benefits of community life yet still retain everyone’s privacy.

After scads of readings and discussions, field trips, and consultations, we found that the Danish cohousing model embodies just about everything we seek:

  • Multi-generational residents

  • Social and economic diversity

  • Mutual and private realms

  • Green buildings with a small carbon footprint

  • Jointly owned common spaces with shared resources

  • Emphasis on alternative transportation

What we envision

Sample Site Design
Sample Site Design

Our community will include no more than 34 eco-friendly residences clustered around a shared pedestrian-only green space within a short walk of community gardens. Each household will have a complete and private kitchen as well as access to shared facilities. Specifically, a Common House will contain a large kitchen and dining area where we can optionally cook and share meals together several times a week. The Common House will include guest rooms as well as meeting spaces and shared work areas where we can swap tools and talents.

Where we are in the process

We have chosen our board of directors and officers and are moving ahead with new member recruiting, accessing our financial options, and beginning a land search.

Interested? Come join us!

If this sounds intriguing to you, we would love to speak with you and tell you more. We are seeking people who share our enthusiasm and are willing to invest the resources necessary to turn this vision into reality.

Here’s your link to information on how to get involved.